Link Building Tools for Off-Page SEO

SEO Link Building Tools

What is SEO Link Building Tools? This is a question that I get asked quite often from my contacts at the online marketing forum. It’s very simple, really. They’re software programs that help you build quality backlinks, increase your search engine rankings, drive more targeted traffic and perform other useful online marketing functions. Some of the best link building tools available today are mentioned below:

Buzzstream – A new tool coming from the folks at Google, Buzzstream is a unique blogging tool. You can set it up to produce instant blog posts and even RSS feeds. It has a built-in Google XML Sitemaps generator so that you can easily build your own sitemap in minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Article Marketing Pro – This is one of the best link building tools around. It is an excellent article writing, editing and posting software program. Basically, all you have to do with this software is to write articles, send them to an article directory and submit the resource box by which you would want linked back to your website. If you’ve got good content, you’ll see the results within minutes. One of the biggest advantages to using Article Marketing Pro is that you can write an article quickly, do all of the article marketing on autopilot and still see results. That is something else that you will be able to enjoy as well.

Backlink Booster – This is the “Achilles Heel” of link building services. I’m sure you have heard the horror stories about trying to increase your backlinks without any form of strategy. The last thing you need to do is spend hours doing things that don’t work. If you don’t know anything about search engine optimization, you don’t stand a chance to compete in the market. If you’re not familiar with backlinking or want to avoid using the service, this is for you.

Backlink Booster Software – This is what you want if you want to make the process as automated as possible. Basically, this program works by collecting data on backlinks that are related to your website. It then creates unique backlinks based on the criteria that you enter. The tool also compares your site to hundreds of other websites and figures everything out for you!

By the way:

Once you start increasing website traffic and conversions, you’ll want to have analytic tracking in place so you can show your results with whichever SEO reporting tool you use.

Article Submission Software – I’m a huge fan of this program since I don’t have to worry about submitting articles manually. The program will do that for me. The only downside to this is that it takes time and effort to set up the submission process but once done it’s very effective. The fact that you have thousands of articles to use makes it even easier. Just make sure that your articles are relevant to your website and include backlinks.

Social Bookmarking Sites – These have been around forever and they still work really well as link building tools. bookmarking sites work like sites with content, this content is broken down into categories and then can be used to create great backlinks. Social bookmarks are great because it gives you instant, one way links to your website which are great for SEO.

If you’re looking for SEO link building tools, these are the ones I would suggest. Most of the tools I use are free but there are a few that charge a small price. You should always do your research so that you don’t end up paying too much for your SEO link building tools. Just make sure that you get what you pay for.

Don’t forget:

Links from the websites of nearby businesses are very helpful for location-based searches. Most local SEO tools provide insight or suggestions for such placements.

Once you get the SEO link building tools you need. The next step is to start submitting. There are many submission types available. You could use a submission form on every page of your website or just submit the important pages. You could also add a couple of links from each page to the main category.

Be sure to syndicate all of your content on as many channels as you can. Take advantage of the second largest search engine, YouTube by creating videos based on your blog content. You can use a YouTube keyword planner to optimize your scripts with search phrases pulled from the popular platform. This is a useful trick that always helps prep copy for its debut on the big screen.

If you want to be successful with SEO, you have to use all of these methods. This way you will be able to build the site, submit your articles, get the backlinks, and continue to use SEO link building methods on the other pages. It might take some time to put it all together but once it is complete you will start seeing a difference.

It’s important to note:

Building links to your website will not be helpful if you do not publish high-quality content. It’s best to use a reliable keyword research tool to spec out a content mix and find popular search terms that see lots of action on platforms like Google and Bing.

You can measure the performance of both on and off-page SEO efforts with a keyword rank tracker. These tools monitor search engine results pages to keep track of pages ranking for keywords in positions #1-100 on Google.

Remember that these SEO link building tools are not magic. You need to put the time in and make a plan.

It usually helps to start with a website audit. A decent SEO audit tool will simplify this process. It should help you stay organized and keep your focus. Keep on working on your website and you will find success. If you put the time and effort in then you will get what you want.